Powerful Guest Intelligence to Build Your Hotel's Brand

The guest journey continues even after they have finished their stay. They voice their opinions online and openly judge your brand, all the while influencing other potential bookers on all platforms. A strategic source of business intelligence, you need to ask yourself, how much are you losing by not leveraging it.


Boost Hotel Revenues


Deliver Better Guest Experiences


Improve Brand Perception


Monitor Hotel Operations


Build Stronger Guest Relations


Outperform Competition

How Does StarSight Work?

StarSight brings into a single dashboard, all online review sources for your hotels and analyzes both quantitative & qualitative data to bring deeper insights into your hotel's online reputation on each sales channel.

Click through the core StarSight features below to learn more how each of them helps you improve your hotel's online reputation.

  • Online Reputation
  • Review Management
  • Guest Sentiments
  • Service Performance
  • Competitor Analysis

Better Online Reputation, More Revenue

Better ratings, better ranking on OTAs, higher visibility & guests willing to pay higher prices. There just isn’t a downside to it!

Improve Reputation Channel by Channel

Idenitfy individual sales channels under-performing due to low brand perception and plan your reputation recovery.

Insights from Both Ratings & Reviews

Analyzing guest ratings is only half the story. StarSight derives key insights from guest reviews to draw the most accurate brand image.

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Respond Faster to Guests

Daily review reports and single-window review aggregation & response, allow you to respond faster to guest review.

Dampen Impact of Negative Reviews

87% of travelers agree that a right response from the hotel management to a bad review improves their impression of the hotel.

Monitor Performance on Every Source

With over 30 review sources, you don’t have to waste time jumping from OTA to OTA to keep a check on your guest feedbacks.

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What Guests Are ``Really`` Saying

Not just good, bad or okay. Dive deeper, with our sentiment analysis categorizing guest reviews into over 60 service-related topics.

Identify Service Improvements

Guest experience is captured across several service processes and topics, which helps you identify key service improvement areas.

Identify Marketable Strengths

The sentiment analysis also reveals what your guests enjoy the most. This is critical to understand the relevance of your marketing communication and take strategic marketing decisions.

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Analyze Departmental Performance

Trends across key topics such as food, cleanliness, room amenities and staff, help you monitor how each service department in your hotel is functioning on a day to day basis.

Planning Service Level Improvement

With identification of continuous service failure points, you can take a more informed decision on how and where to improve service quality.

Deliver Better Guest Experience

Continuous monitoring of KPIs ensure that your service quality does not deteriorate and your guests leave your hotel happy, consistently. Which further ensures that you get great ratings and reviews online.

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Outperform Competitors

Compare guest satisfaction against competitors, understand what works for them, and strategically outrank them on online sales channels.

Build Better Pricing Strategies

Factor comparative guest satisfaction into your pricing and revenue strategy, rather than engaging in price wars. Better online reputation means you can charge a premium over your competitors.

Benchmark Regional Performance

Establish your position within a specific region by monitoring competitors across all review sources.

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What Makes StarSight

StarSight leverages BigData, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning to analyze both quantitative (Guest Ratings) and qualitative (Guest Reviews) feedback and deliver powerful guest intelligence with deeper insights than just a quantitative analysis like NPS.

100+ Review Sources

A large partner list of hotel review sources, ranging from global OTAs to Meta-search Engines.

Big Data Analytics

Leveraging Big Data analytics, StarSight churns through thousands of reviews across massive time windows to deliver highly accurate results.

Natural Language Processing

Powerful NLP technology delivers human-like understanding from guest reviews, as opposed to detecting keywords.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms continuously improve the reporting and language processing accuracy of the data.

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