Powerful Guest Intelligence to Build Your Hotel's Brand

The guest journey continues even after they have finished their stay. They voice their opinions online and openly judge your brand, all the while influencing other potential bookers on all platforms. A strategic source of business intelligence, you need to ask yourself, how much are you losing by not leveraging it.

Boost Hotel Revenues

Deliver Better Guest Experiences

Improve Brand Perception

Monitor Hotel Operations

Build Stronger Guest Relations

Outperform Competition

How Does StarSight Work?

StarSight brings into a single dashboard, all online review sources for your hotels and analyzes both quantitative & qualitative data to bring deeper insights into your hotel's online reputation on each sales channel.

Click through the core StarSight features below to learn more how each of them helps you improve your hotel's online reputation.

Better Online Reputation, More Revenue

Better ratings, better ranking on OTAs, higher visibility & guests willing to pay higher prices. There just isn’t a downside to it!

Improve Reputation Channel by Channel

Idenitfy individual sales channels under-performing due to low brand perception and plan your reputation recovery.

Insights from Both Ratings & Reviews

Analyzing guest ratings is only half the story. StarSight derives key insights from guest reviews to draw the most accurate brand image.

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100+ Review Sources

A large partner list of hotel review sources, ranging from global OTAs to Meta-search Engines.

Big Data Analytics

Leveraging Big Data analytics, StarSight churns through thousands of reviews across massive time windows to deliver highly accurate results.

Natural Language Processing

Powerful NLP technology delivers human-like understanding from guest reviews, as opposed to detecting keywords.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms continuously improve the reporting and language processing accuracy of the data.

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Everything made possible from a single dashboard, StarSight!

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