Competitor Intelligence

You are not alone either on the OTAs or the meta-search engines. If the guests are looking at your hotel's online reviews on any of these platforms, they surely are looking at your competitors' too.


Hotel reviews and rating are a primary driver of hotel bookings. Reviews and ratings also happen to be a ranking factor for almost all OTAs and Meta-search engines. If you are rated lower than others on even a single sales channel, you are losing bookings to other hotels due both a lower ranking in search results and poorer brand perception.

Keeping track of just your own hotel’s reviews and ratings on all those sales channels is tough enough on its own. With DJUBO StarSight, you not only make your own review management easier but also tracks what guests are saying about your competitors and helps you with a simplified comparison without you having to lift a finger.

Decision making simplified!

Whisk Away Guests From the Competition

A deep analysis of online reviews and guest feedbacks received by competing hotels can reveal not just where they are outdoing you but also provide opportunities to attract more guests.

Discover Revenue & Marketing Opportunities

Identify Strengths & Weaknesses of the Competition

Outrank Competitors on OTAs & Meta-search Engines

Ready to Improve Your Hotel's Reputation?, Revenues?, Brand Image?, Guest Experience?, Service Quality?,

Ready to Improve Your Hotel's

Everything made possible from a single dashboard, StarSight!