Sentiment Analysis of Guest Reviews

An online guest feedback with great ratings may have a point of contention present in the written review. Reading, filtering and categorizing every review, using Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning to mimic the human understanding of language, in 7 of the world's most widely spoken languages, so that you don't spend more than a few minutes a day to understand what your guests are saying. That's StarSight working for your hotel!


StarSight parses every guest review and understands it just like humans. This allows StarSight to understand the meaning in each review and the sentiment behind it. So when a guest talks about “poorly prepared breakfast”, StarSight knows that the guest is talking about food with a negative sentiment.

StarSight also understands the intensity of a particular sentiment. So it understands that “it was the best hotel” is much more positive than”we enjoyed our stay”.

Such deep understanding allows StarSight to build a very accurate picture of what guests are saying about your hotel in online reviews. This helps you identify not only the problems with your hotel or service quality but their urgency.

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